How to overcome negative thoughts

You know that feeling when you think that you’re a horrible person, when you know that you’re not; that is a hard feeling.  Even worse is when people say horrible things about you and you believe them, that makes you feel horrible.


Feeling horrible is one of the worse feelings in the world.  It’s kind of like feeling sick, stressed, and being upset over a loss of a love one all at the same time.  It sucks!  It crumples you up inside and makes you think thoughts that you shouldn’t.  It hurts so much to think about and even talk about, but it is there and everyone goes through a moment like this.  If we feel horrible about ourselves, why don’t we do something about it?


Doing something about how you feel is the only way to become better. Finding ways to feel better about yourself can be hard, but it is rewarding.  For example, in the movie Easy A, a girl pretends to be sexual with males, for them to become part of the popular crowd, while she is shunned by the student body.  The torment she receives affects her so much that she tries to have the males tell the truth, so she will stop being tormented by her peers.  She fixed her problem by doing a live webcast over what had truly happened (that was the movie).  Putting on the webcast was her way of dealing with the horrible thoughts that she had. I know that, confronting people about how they hurt you is hard and takes courage and strength.  I know for a fact that if someone hurts me, even my best friend, I cannot tell them how they made me feel.  However, I have found a way to deal with the horrible thoughts I have about myself through different outlets.


There are several different types of outlets which can help you feel better about yourself.  One of the easiest outlets that you can try is to do something artsy.  Whether that be drawing a stick figure, writing a poem or a story, singing or writing a song, or even painting your clothes.  Participating in artsy activities helps people destress and feel better about themselves.  This happens, because when you accomplish something that you like you feel as if you are worth something.  Another outlet that is simple to do is to do something that you enjoy.  I know that some of the things that I enjoy are listening to music, reading a book, talking with people, and just listening to what people say.  When I develop stress, or start to feel like I’m a horrible person and not worth much, I do some of those easy things to help bring down the horrible feelings.


Easy things are great, nevertheless they do not always lift us up. One of the hardest outlooks, that I find is to list all my positive qualities.  Some qualities may be: your organized, smart, nice, hardworking, kind, or compassionate.  I have found that by thinking of three qualities in myself when I feel worthless helps to brighten my spirit.  However, at the same time it does not always help me because then I start to think that I am not as fill in the blank as I could be.  This is the reason that I find this outlook hard, it leaves me vulnerable to my inner thoughts and emotions.  For this outlook to truly work I need to believe that the qualities I listed about myself are true.  Reaching the point of believing the qualities can take quite a bit of effort, however, the effort will pay off in the long run.  Another difficult one is remembering that God loves me for me. God’s love does not care about my mistakes or flaws, because I and all of you were made wonderful in God’s eyes.  By remembering God’s love, I find that I have a fuller heart. That step slowly helps you to realize that even if you are not as fill in the blank as you could be or that you may not do some things well, you are still a child of God who is perfectly and wonderfully made exactly the way that I am.


The next time you feel like a horrible person or are breaking yourself down remember that God loves you for you and will always guide you down the right path and help you to be the you that is wonderful.


God loves the broken and the healed, we just need to let God in.


Genesis 1:27, Psalm 139:14, “Only love remains” by: JJ Heller



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