Do you want to be significant or successful?

Today we live in a world that is completely focused on how we can reach the top.  It is focused on what we can do to be more liked.  How we can become more popular than that person on Facebook.  What do I have to do to be the best at this job?  How to move up the ladder at work. I need to have a higher GPA to get a better job.  I need to dress better to get more friends.  All of these things surround us every day.  Are they really worth thinking about and striving for?


These things can pull us away from a greater purpose.  If we are so focused on getting to the top our family could take a back seat.  If we are too focused on getting people to like us, then we may miss out on the people that already care for us now.  If we focus too much on getting the highest GPA then we could miss out on living a life that has fun.


All of these ideas have one thing in common, they all focus on how to be successful in life.  Today’s culture is all centered around success.  The media portrays that without success, you are not going to get anywhere and your life is not worth living, if you do not strive for success.  In fact, the American dream is based around success.  Today we think that we can do anything we want, be the best, and live a wonderful life based on the work we do.  While that’s great that’s not how the Gospels tell us to live. In Matthew 19 Jesus tells a man to give away all his possessions so that he can truly follow Jesus.  The man did not like the answer, because in today’s terms he was extremely successful, he had many possessions.  Jesus goes on to tell the disciples that a camel will go through the eye of a needle easier than a rich man can get into heaven.  In Jesus’s time to be rich you had to be successful.  Jesus did not care about success he cared about loving and caring for people.  He cared about the significance of life.


To have a significant life seems hard to do today.  With a world, all centered around success and moving to the top, the idea of living for significance is lost.  To live significantly we must strive to be like Jesus.  We must stop trying to live for us and begin to live for others.  When we strive to do everything in our power to make a simple positive difference in someone’s life, we begin to lead a life of significance.  When we start spending the time that we have been using to get to the top of the successful ladder to make a difference in someone’s life we start to change the world into what Jesus wanted.  When we live for significance we give to those who need it, we give back to our family and show love to our kids, we help a person who can’t help themselves.   We begin to show the world what it means to love another for who they are.  When we begin to live more significantly we slowly stop fighting, pain, and feelings of being worthless.  When we begin to live more significantly rather than successfully we begin to show ourselves true love.  We begin to spread the love that God has given us from the very beginning. We make a lasting impression on the world and put a drop of hope and love into a dying world.



Go out and make a change to start living a life of significance. 


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