Courageous Act of Love

Most of us when we see someone in need we often think before we act.  And most of the time our thoughts tend to take away from our actions.  The easiest example of this is when we see someone begging for money.  Before we give them anything, we think what they will spend it on, if they are actually in need of any money, or if you will hold up traffic if you give them any.  By the time we have gotten through all of these questions the light has changed, or the beggar has moved on and you cannot get their attention.  If we would have acted first and thought later, we could have made a difference in someone’s life.  No, we do not know if they need the money, or what they will spend it on but we showed them an act of love.  One small act of love can make a big difference.

One of the best examples of this is the butterfly effect.  There is a video that shows one person doing an act of love for someone else causes the next person to do one and the next.  It can create a never-ending circle of love.  While the idea is great the actions are hard.  When we see someone in need or hear someone ask for volunteers we often tend to put it off or not even deal with it at all.  It becomes an if it fits well with what I have, instead of serving God.  Most of that comes from the society that we live in.  Society has taken us down a road of think first and act later.  They believe that it is the best course of action.  And in most cases, it is.  Especially, if the action is big or could have lots of consequences.  But most actions of love do not have harmful consequences.  Let’s take our beggar if we gave him a dollar it does not harm anyone.  It may provide him with a warm meal, or it may help him get better.  For most acts of love, we do not know what is going to happen afterwards.  However, we still stop before acting because of fear or judgment from society.

Abigail does not let fear get in her way when she goes and helps David.  She just goes and does it (1 Samuel 25).  It has me wonder what would happen if we said yes to love first and dealt with what came after it later.  Would the world be a happier place? Would it be easier to live in?  Would there be less violence? What would the world look like if every Christian took the courage that God gave them and chose to use it to show others love?  I imagine that if that happened the world would begin to see a decline in some of the more negative statistics.

If every Christian in the United States did one act of love every day we would see a different world.  A world where no one ever felt like no one cared about them.  A world where people feel loved.  All it takes is using our courage to stand up to society and show love to someone.  It can be as simple as saying hi to people you pass, to as extravagant as buying groceries for a family of 5 for a month.  But your act of love will change the world.

Doing an act of love for someone can be hard and it can be scary but through God’s help and his gift of courage we can stop going through the motions of society and change the world through courageous acts of love


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